Chudkatet quest not starting (resolved)

So to not spoil anything, i heard that the chudkatet quest is supposed to start with someone named XXXX, i did all the previous main story quests, but when i m in front of her, she doesn’t talk to me, in my book i don’t have any story line quest remaining except for the ghouls quest and chudkatet.

Am i missing something ?

You have to do the ghouls quest to unlock chudkatet.

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oh ok, thanks !

i will edit the post to remove the small spoiler then :smiley:

Who gives the ghouls quest? I cant find them :frowning:

the many door village in desert

So i just finished the ghouls quest and have the item in my bag so im not sure where to go to start the chudkatet quest line. Did i miss something with her telling me where to go.

its used later on in the story line, once you do the explorers league quests

I’m up to the point in the main quest line where I’m helping out all the different factions and all i have left to do is the chudkatet part. did i miss something somewhere.

you should be able to go talk with helga sarrow at her camp in the Lamavoria Frontier to start the quest

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