Class Concepts ( Berserker, thief, cleric maybe)


I’m sure there have been posts like this prior to mine as I am entirely new and have to say that I love the direction this game is taking, especially with the new classes and how they are being implemented and used. It such a fresh take on playing an MMO in general, I personally have been playing Muskateer mostly and have to admit I am quite excited for the scoundral to come out.

But there is is something I do want to suggest as I have come to notice that there is a heavy implication in ranged DPS over Melee dps.

I have already seen the mention of a duel wielding melee class (Thief/Assassin), but another one I would like to see brought up is something akin to a berserker. Now, I am quite new to VR still in general and I am not quite sure how a two handed weapon could be implemented, but perhaps a large Axe held with a Torch or a barbaric standard if two hands cannot be used on one object.

Lastly, one more healing based class, which I was actually surprised to see that the game does not really have a Cleric or priest type class. Now unless the paladin has a way to be pure support and healing vs. being an offtank then nevermind. But I think it would be awesome to have a purely ranged heal support with casting vs the Muskateer that has this Jack of all trades feel to it in my opinion.

If the game ended up with 2 tanks, 2 melee dps, 4 dedicated ranged dps, and 2 support / healing classes, I feel there would be a great amount of variety! As it is we are at:

Tank: Warrior / Paladin
Melee dps: Warrior???
Ranged dps: Shaman, archer, scoundral, Muskateer
Support / healing: Bard, Muskateer.

By no means am I bashing how things currently are, as the game plays very well and I have enjoyed the little time I have been able to put in thus far. But, I do feel there would be an even greater appeal with adding just those extra flavors when it comes to the class system.

Overall, I am very excited to see how this game evolves over time and honestly wished I was an initial backer as I was quite skeptical at the time of hearing this.

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