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I’ve been following Orbus VR for a long time. It is literately one of the first titles that got me really interested in VR to begin with. I finally got to a point where I picked up a new PC and an Oculus to start in the VR worlds late this summer and promptly got my Beta Access in time for the Beta 2(I think), 3 and 4. I’ve been in a few other titles and as such have been so inspired by the possibilities. What your team of 6 have done in 18 months is amazing, and I cant wait to explore the rest of the world with the friends I have made in the beta.

About this Post
Sorry for the long post but I wanted to get my thoughts out here. There is a ton of content and there have been some improvements to some of the classes, but they feel limited for the moment. I didnt get far enough to explore the Artificing Skill yet so bear with me. I think there is a major game play aspect that has been left out. The RuneMage is the most Diverse class available with the most abilities. The Warrior has 4 combos, and two shield variants to buff defense or damage. Hunters deal damage rapidly but have access to only 3/4 abilities at time. Musketeers seem to be the easiest of the classes IMO.

Currently each class has only one Ultimate. But What if we had a system of specialization giving us a choice of 3-4? Giving us a more in depth way of mechanic variance. RUNEMAGES Summoning an elemental/demon/dragon. RANGERS Summon a Beast. A single shot large AOE with considerable damage. WARRIORS Spiked armor: when you take damage its reflected back at its source. MUSKETEERS Pulsate out healing energies to all friendy units and self.

Warrior Mechanics
What about adding a trigger function to their shields? Depending on which shield is in use: give a friendly player a barrier, or throw the shield like a projectile, losing the shield for a short duration. Giving them the ability to imbue their swords for “chance-on-hit” elemental types of effects. Frost for slows, Fire d.o.t.s., Nature roots, stone stuns, shadow blinds.

Rangers Mechanic
Using the tracking of their BOW whether its vertical or horizontal. Variants on their traps changing like the musketeer’s turrets. Getting in group with some last night I learned more about them and their kits/bonuses.

Runemages Mechanic
While they do have the most diverse kits available, they are missing a 2nd tool option. While others have Traps, Turrets or Shields they have just their wand. Maybe something simple as a “rune-stone/Crystal”? An item that could be imbued with a spell and used on a CD system. Draw out your rune, Hold the stone and cast to “imbue” the stone with that spell. To use, Hold the stone in your offhand and pull the off hand trigger to activate it in the wand. NOTE: Rituals cant be stored.

Musketeers Mechanics
This is the class I’ve been playing the most. IMO Is one of the safest of the classes with plenty of tools. I have no suggestions for this one. Maybe a tranquilizer that puts a single target to sleep for 5-10 secs restoring to full health, mostly for dungeon CC

Community Insights
What kind of Ultimate would you like to see for the classes?


I don’t know that I agree that it makes sense for all the classes to have a bunch of different ultimates (though it would be cool), however I will say that currently the Runemage and Warrior ultimates feel unique and badass (to me), and the Musketeer and Ranger ones (while useful) don’t feel that impactful (to me). I really wish they were more visually impressive and badass.

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I could enjoy some new tools for the classes. Right now damage warrior is not actually a thing.

Let us Dualwield 2x Sword for Damage Warrior and Sword + Shield for Tanking.

That would be cool. You’d then have the tanking warrior with the big shield, the balanced warrior with the small one, and the DPS warrior with two weapons.

The tank warriors would then, naturally, tank,
the dual-wielding warriors could be DPS in a group,
and then the balanced warrior could be more for solo-content etc.

but then they have to design new skills for dual wielding. what do u guys suggest for skills?

If we dual wield we can kind of combo with one does the off hand combo separately? do you swing both swords in same direction? is it just about flailing wildly?

I just like a pretty significant damage boost to warriors or nerf to most other classes. I seen an archer take a mob down to 30% with one big shot. no way for me to do anything similar even with saving the combo finisher for a mob.

I get the shield. we can block any damage we take and we can shield bash. I just wish the shield replenished when not taking damage. so i could switch between face tanking and getting some heals, and pulling up my shield to block the attacks while i wait on healer CDs or perhaps while I drink a potion or whatever.

What about combos for dual wielding where it works similar to right now, but you alternate which weapon you use for each strike. For example, if the combo was left, up, up, right, then you could go:
Right hand: Left
Left hand: Up
Right hand: Up
Left hand: Right

And there could be some general incentive for alternating between attacking with left/right etc.


I think they could make some cool choreography for a dual wielding warrior.


I definitely love all the feedback on this. I see we’re very tuned the warrior class and some improvements as a DPS class. Doing so they would need to implement a second tanking class. Warriors as it stand are the only tanking class. I think that’s why it hasn’t been an effort at the moment.

That being said warriors do need some love mechanically. PARRY similar to shield blocking you could use the sword the block and maybe even reflect back half the damage? Partying would need a cool down though so it doesn’t become preferences over shield blocking.

I honestly think it works sort of well as a tank already, they need a long range pulling ability and aggro needs to be extremely high per normal swing for it to feel like you’re actually a tank and not just the first dps to hit the target.
The dps side of warrior is what lacks in some areas making them not worth bringing along if not to tank adds and bosses. but that may be intended class identity, were just tanks really. If we’re supposed to also be able to just dps if we want, then I think there is a need for a dps boost to normal swings, as well as some additional help for warriors fighting targets that don’t stand still. All other classes can do well against any moving target, unless it’s chasing them to kill them. Warriors feel like they’re just sort of waiting u tip the thing stops moving. just getting one combo off can be difficult so that buff to normals swings kinda feels important. it’s nice to combo when something is stunned or weakened or stationary in general but if not it should be ok to swing wildly like a warrior does.

I am pretty sure they fixed the aggro issue. And You can pull from a range using the charge type ability.

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But then you have one class that can fill 2/3rds of the roles. If they’re going to spend time developing stuff for a dual wielding class it should just be a new class.


My short play with the warrior class seemed okay. And fun note combos can be broken up. Swing swing block swing swing. This has worked well for me as with most mobs I was able to get two swings in at a time. But I feel like more combos woulda be a plus.

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I guess it gets better later on i haven’t had much time to play but i got to lvl 8 so far grinding and it’s pretty tough, when I group up with anyone besides another warrior i’m essentially useless. well i’m like a quick stun for then to get off a second attack. Just what I’ve noticed. I think my gear might be bad so.

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