Client Patch 3.15

There is a new client-side patch going out now to both the Steam and Oculus Stores.

It’s a small patch with a couple of bug fixes/improvements:

  • When you see other players teleport and/or slide, you will now see a smoother transition from where they were to where they went. With sliding, it still looks like short bursts of teleporting rather than a totally smooth slide, but it should be much less jarring.

  • The game client will now better detect when you are DC’ed from the server and show you an error message.

  • Added a change that causes your locomotion to freeze for a very short period of time after you have a “hard transition” between two points (such as entering/exiting your Player House, or a dungeon). This should not really be noticeable, but it might help solve a bug for some people who were still getting stuck below-ground after leaving their house.

Just exit the game to get the update (you may have to restart Steam to get it to recognize there is one available right away). This patch does not require a server-side restart.



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