Client-Side Update 6.42


There’s a new client-side patch available now on both Steam and Oculus. The new patch has further improvements to the “Default” networking type based on player feedback. Please let me know if you are still getting crashes on Default at this time.

In addition, it fixes an issue with Fellowship management where it would kick the wrong person from the list.

Finally, we’ve re-worked the way that Fellowship management works behind-the-scenes so that hopefully adding/removing players should work reliably from here on out.

You can get the client-side patch now, server-side restart will happen shortly. Thanks!


Is the update for beta branch as well?


I am building that now, should be out in about 30-45 minutes.


Okay so I have heard from several people who used to get regular crashes on the Default networking type that they no longer are. I have also heard from at least one person who says they still are.

So, if you are still getting crashes on the Default networking type (on Beta or Main), please let me know so I can hopefully finish tracking this down and fixing it once and for all.

Note that there are some other things that seem to be causing crashes like loading into the Desert Dungeon which are affecting folks that I don’t think are related to this and I will be fixing as well. This is basically if you are getting crashes on Default just at random times e.g. when just walking around Highsteppe, etc.

Thank you!


I had a crash while on default last night while in my player house, seemed to happen as I moved my head quickly after re-entering, I don’t have the log for it though


Were you having crashes on Default before frequently and now they’re just happening rarely?

If so it might not be related, but still good to know. If it happens again feel free to send me a log. Thanks!


Before I was hard crashing 2-5 times a day depending how long I was online for, played on proxied this weekend didn’t crash from what I can remember, switched back to default late last night and that’s when I crashed, after about 3 hours of being on default, could be something else but figured I’d report it.

Kizzleton crashes constantly while on default so I messaged her to try it today and see if it’s any better, I think @AcaviGER was still having crashes when I spoke to her about it yesterday


Acavi is the other person who told me they are still having crashes, yeah.

I have heard from a few others who say it has gotten way better for them though so just trying to figure out if it’s still the same issue or a different one.

So yeah if there are people who are consistently crashing still, please have them reach out so we can settle this once and for all hopefully.


Kizzy wasn’t able to get online tonight but she will be online for the raid tomorrow so will find out then and will let you know


Just had a hard crash while on default while making potions, was online for 30min, logs sent


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