Closed Alpha Test 7

Hey everyone,

Closed Alpha Test 7 begins tomorrow at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time! (Countdown Clock) Here’s everything you need to know:

Preview Blog Posts

There’s one new blog post you should check out for this test:

Alpha Test 7 Preview

If it’s your first time in the Alpha, we’ve put together a handy first-time player’s guide as well:

Alpha First-Time Player’s Guide

Alpha Client Download

Feedback Thread

You can leave your feedback, bug reports, and other questions during the test in this thread:

Twitch Stream

There won’t be a Dev-hosted Twitch stream tomorrow since Robert will be out of town for the beginning of the test. If you’re planning on streaming, please Tweet us and we’ll spread the word!

Patch Notes

The detailed Patch Notes of what changed for this test are available now on the Wiki:

See you in-game tomorrow!

Psyched as always :grinning: Will quest progress be reset for characters who participated in the last test?

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You da real MVP. Psyched for the dragon pet.

Nope it’s staying where it was.

Awesome! the pet looks great!

If we hypothetically got into a state in the last test where we missed the quest “Forest Secrets” because we preemptively collected the Red Truffles, and thus couldn’t get to the Bishop Roma part of the main quest chain, will we be able to work around that without deleting and remaking?


Are all the visual bugs from the Player Journal also fixed? The closest thing I could find in the Patch Notes is:

‘Fixed an issue which would cause the shaders on the eyes/mouths of NPCs, and the Player Journal, to go “haywire” when it was cloudy.’

But it doesn’t look like that was the only problem. Unless it was always cloudy for me? Because the Journal was always buggy.

If you want I can clear out the quests on your character so you can start everything over at the beginning without needing to make a new character. Just let me know your in-game name.

You’ll have to be more specific. If you mean the bug where the Journal would have this weird “black box” thing on it that was near the bottom-center and blocking half the pages, yes that bug is fixed. If it was something else, then let me know.

Could you clear out quests on Luvstosmooch? I did the same thing as Draven.

Alongside the black box, the journal would randomly have blank pages for me with the text occasionally showing up only while turning pages.

I think that’s actually still a bug that’s happening for the first page of the journal. I don’t think it’s happening for other pages though. Let me know if that’s not true.

Sure, done.

  • The first page problem showing the third page until you start opening the next page you see the text change to the first page. (Luv already just said that and you responded. But for completeness)
  • When opening the book, you start at a blank page after the end of the book. (I mostly closed the book while being on the last page myself)
  • Scrolling back from that blank page seems to show normal pages in the right order.
  • Scrolling forward again glitches the pages again blank or on top of eathother.
  • I only succeeded once in bringing the book back in the backpack (The same move as you grab loot right?). So I just let the book behind and then just summon it again with the compass. ( Fun fact: Sometimes I see the book after for example 20 minutes on the location where I left it behind :stuck_out_tongue: )

My guess is most of those are still there. Those are lower-priority polish type bugs that will eventually get fixed, but right now our main focus is on the kinds of bugs like the black overlay one that completely keep you from playing the game. But I’ll see if I can get those others fixed soon as well as I’m sure they are annoying.

I’ve just put together a quick “First-Time Player’s Guide”. If it’s your first time joining us for the Alpha, feel free to give it a read, as it gives you some great info on what you can do in the game right now:

Also for all you veteran players, please consider spending some time hanging out in the starter area and giving the new players some help if they have questions. I’m sure they will appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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That would be great, thanks!

Character name is “Draven”

Okay, done! ~~~~~~~~~

Is “Leisa Falls” misspelled in the Guide? Or has it changed to “Lisa Falls”?

Whoops, typo. Thanks for the heads up.

And this Guide is for the open Alpha players right? Because else just creating a free account won’t let them get into the game.