Code in a Tavern


So this is probably pretty low on the to do list for the devs but I sorta wish there was a bar/tavern coded into highsteppe or a cool location in the game. Just a nice place to kickbback, drink with friends, and maybe have some mini-games. The Lakewood inn was always a cool spot, so much so that we gathered there to send off OG Orbus. Would also give Highsteppe more of a city feel as well.


i wouldy enjoy an inn or tavern, maybe harvest festival update?


On this topic, I generally think they should add more buildings and such out into the world, like Lakewood Inn was.


I think that is the build your own houses questline if you want more buildings :grimacing:


Sell some “fermented” Ruined potions or buy some of Tinnys Brew for something fun to waste dram on. Pay for a round of darts or other VR style experiences. Could have a lot of possibilities


tinnys brew is super secret and incredibly rare, dont do that to the people that have some

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This questline is so tedious. I’m level 21 and still working on the Flooded Rainforest houses.


no the questline is short

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Though this is a bit different, it’d be cool if the tavern has some kind of component that made it more central to the game - beyond just a hang out place. Like drinks you can slap together and “cheers!” with your teammates to get (not crap) temporary xp/luck bonuses which scale to how many party members clinked their cups(x2, x5?), or checking/putting up LFG ads in there on a board rather than via your options. Tavern quests restricted for 5 man groups of different difficulty levels, some which are clearly for stronger groups.

It’d be fun to have a place to just go hang out with your guildies with some things to do, but it’d also be nice to again have some kind of meaningful / central social hub. I think there might be a whole “pg13” type of deal, so I’d take root beer even? :stuck_out_tongue: