Colorblind for First Temple Boss (Ancient Guardian)

I know that there have been some posts already about mistkeeper or alchemy for colorblind. I wanted to post again in relation to this boss as well.

I think if you add a symbol to each of the 4 pillars and then add a symbol above the boss that matches when the shield is up (similar to maybe the honor points symbol?) it would help.

Similar with alchemy, if there is a skin of a symbol over the pot depending on the color, it would help.

Others in the party can yell out which pillar to go to but it would be nice.


While this is not necessary once you memorize the bosses and where each pillar / phase is you are fine. This however is still a big accessibility issue that the devs should correct. (This was complained about on mist keeper even back in old game.

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If I could make the change, I would first make four unique symbols, (or use Frost, Affliction, Fire, and Polymorph), wrap them around the pillars glowing white, and around the boss rather than the generic circles. I would also make them bigger, ideally legible from the distance of diagonal pillars.

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Colors on orbus are really dull for me, especially temple for some reason and even though I love tanking it it’s so hard cause I can’t tell the pillars easily. This would be an amazing addition.