Colored Dungeon Shards

Sadly the old thread about this got locked, but now that we have a nice color to indicate the shard type for the vendor-shards how about adding (different) colors, or borders, or anything to indicate the type of dungeon shards in inventory!

Patiently hovering over a full tab with all-identical-looking dungeon shards of 6 dungeons w 15 possible levels to decide together what to do is a daily, major pain for many of us.

Ideally the dungeon shards indicate their level also, on first sight, with a small number in the middle or in a corner (this would also help to never confuse them with vendor-shards), however, the colors to indicate at least the dungeon they apply to would be a quick fix, which is likely not too time-consuming to implement. And it would be a huge QOL-improvement for those doing shards, regularly.

Currently I got some dungeons on different tabs to safe at least bit of time, or I leave empty rows/slots in between etc. etc., but with limited chest space all these are unneeded workarounds, leading to a lot of switching tabs and clicking.


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