Combat Logs in Reborn (and Code of Conduct Update)


Also if each enemy we are attacking could have an ID alongside it.


As I said that is already coming in the next build.

The info on the specific attack would require more work but it is on my long-term plan for the feature.


I did not see that reply apologies. That would solve for my other concern too.



One more thing that could really benefit the plans I’ve got for Armory and the new piece of software would be to see what actually causes the damage. Right now we see that Monster X takes Y damage from player Z, but it would be great to see what caused that damage. Was it a fireball? A hurtful remark? That would give us access to a much deeper analysis as to what actually is worth doing and what isn’t

Edit: @Rickness_Voidwalker already meantioned that, whoops


Small concern about the monster IDs; it looks like not all monsters are logged with an ID, especially when they take damage. Dealing damage seems to be fine, as in when a monster deals damage to a player

21:16:14:805 [Combat] Barking Stafrusher took 3469 damage from GunDoneCheg (Critical)
21:16:14:936 [Combat] GunDoneCheg took 461 damage from Barking Stafrusher(6566)
21:16:15:951 [Combat] Barking Stafrusher took 1388 damage from GunDoneCheg
21:16:16:084 [Combat] Barking Stafrusher took 116 damage from GunDoneCheg
21:16:17:029 [Combat] Practicedummy(108) took 384 damage from Bambo

^ check row 1, no ID? but the same monster deals damage to him on the 2nd line and has an ID. But on the last line, someone is hitting a dummy, which does seem to have an ID even as the recipient of damage


Okay I’ll try and get that fixed.


Just been checking the logs and testing shield from a muskie to see what it shows up as in the log and was testing on the dudes that explode when they die

No shield:

00:40:23:094 [Combat] Rickness took 4009 damage from Barking Stafrusher(26637)

With shield:

00:42:07:221 [Combat] Rickness took 2852 damage from Barking Stafrusher(26717)

Would it be possible to get blocked damage logged too? Warrior shield blocks would be good to see on there too if that could be added


Would be possible to add to the combat log when someone dies?

I just want to make this clear, this isn’t to shame people that die, this is to help make it clear on what happened, in some shards and raids we have had some deaths where there was a lot going on and it was hard to work out what exactly happened, if we can see it clearly in the log we can use that info to help avoid it in the future. Will be good to have this along side the specific attack info once you get around to that in the future