Combat Movement Feedback


So correct me if I am wrong, but in the reborn beta as the stamina bar drains your ability to teleport is reduced as you stamina drains. If you have no stamina you are unable to teleport more than a squares distance away.
While this movement limitation system I assume was put in place to make mobs harder / make combat more unavoidable / deal with mob kiting. I do not believe it creates difficulty in a way that feels good to the player.

The new AI and visible spell cast bar are very interesting and create difficulty in timing the use of your abilities appropriately. Many of these abilities are supposed to be able to be dodged. The ranged mobs are also designed to kite melee combatants. These new monster systems make movement more important than ever.

The combat in the current live version of the game is viable because of the freedom of movement the teleport gives in combat. Although it is limited as well, I think it is much more manageable than this new system. With the new AI making movement even more important I think that the new stamina limited teleport system should be taken a look at, and hopefully more players will comment and give their feedback about this change.

I am but one of many of the newer players that have started to play this game in the last few weeks.
I have never done PvP on live. So I am not sure how these changes will effect the PvP community.

If you have comments about the combat movement system, please place them in the comments below.
I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on how they think the combat movement feels.

Thanks for your time and consideration,


Signed 100%.

It might even be impossible to dodge some aoes from the original Orbus with this restiction on teleport. For example Lady Fa’shet, the 2nd raidboss is jumping on a random player and doing a huge aoe instant kill. If this player had to move before the jump occurs, he wouldnt even be able to teleport out of the aoe.

There might be many more of those cases where the teleport restriction will just make dealing with aoes less fun/less controlable. It should be kept like in the original Orbus in my opinion.


Boss 2 on Skywalk as well… Sometimes you need that extra 2-3 steps that you can get from teleport and slide. This would absolutely wipe almost any party


We have gotten a lot of feedback on this throughout the test. It’s more forgiving than it was at the start yesterday as of the last patch, but there is still a requirement not to full-on slide to let your stamina regen.

Obviously if we stick with this approach we would design around the limitations it presents. The reason that we made the change was basically to prevent the “slide constantly and then teleport really often” kiting of monsters that basically caused melee monsters in the game to have a really hard time keeping up and hitting players. That said, the new pathfinding may be up to the challenge on that and I will do some more testing and see if we want to revert this change. Again, just letting you all know the reasoning behind it so it’s not seen as an arbitrarily punishing move, but I can see how it makes the combat feel less “free” which is not what we want, so I’ll see what we can do on that front.


I just want to state that I really do not like the way it currently is in the beta


100% agree. I slide around as a muski to make fine movements and still get my orbs to people, this movement restriction really messes me up. Make small correction to hit someone, oops I’m trapped for a split second and then death.

Also, please get rid of that awful dash slide that never worked well. It is even more of a liability now.


This technique allowed me to farm the wilds, though, and traveling through other places without getting into a fight (and it took long enough already to leash mobs like the spiders in Lamavora with their extreme aggro range). Now with the level-scaling, as a musky I can not kill some mobs or it takes forever, outrunning them is the only option, so then what, I wonder, if that’s no longer possible…
What I really dislike about the beta is the 100s deaths I experienced so far and most of these were related to standing somewhere without stamina and no option to do anything or counteract - for example when too many mobs were pulled or mobs spawned on me or I just wanted to get past elites etc.


Last night I was playing as a Warrior for a bit, in loose groups of 2-7 other players; and for a little while just solo.

When I’m slashing and shield bashing to interrupt, everything’s cool as it always is.
When the mob decides to turn 135 degrees from facing me and walk 10 feet away (out of melee range), and I try to teleport closer and I’m only getting the red outline for 5-10 seconds of trying (it may be <5 sec but in the heat of combat with another mob blasting my a$$ who is also out of range, every second is an eternity)… it doesn’t feel good.
It feels like I’ve been CC’d or rooted when I, Jinx the player, don’t have any obvious indication that I’m CC’d, rooted, or out of in-game stamina (as by jove I’m still ready to be swingin’ IRL!).

But, that’s also a huge challenge for designers in VR, doubly-so for melee combat designs, since obviously we don’t have “full dive” VR systems and can’t restrict the physical IRL movements of a player.

Perhaps Warriors’ restrictions on in-combat teleport stamina be eased?


Could we just give melee mobs some run speed so they can’t be kited so easily?

If it didn’t put you in combat as soon as a mob saw you, then we’d be fine. That’s one of the only things I don’t really like - if I’m running along and some monster sees me I get all frozen? Doesn’t really make sense. You’d think I’d get a burst of energy to run faster hah. Now if I engage the mob, then yeah I should be in combat.

But perhaps they’re trying to prevent skipping mobs in some cases. So you can just run past them in a dungeon or something. But in that case, make the monsters faster in those areas.


Thanks Riley. Keep up the good work, I’ve been having a ton of fun playing. Know that your hard work is not unappreciated.


I’m not going to lie, I really hate melee combat movement in OrbusVR. I trained in Taekwondo for 13 years, and I know that this isn’t a martial arts game, but still… I like to move around ALOT in every game I play, VR or desktop MMO. I always feel like a cripple trying to move around in combat in Orbus. Too clanky, weighted, slow and restricted. Combat is THE time to move the most, not the time to limit it.