Community Event- 3/14/23

With the Spring Fest patch coming out tomorrow along with the second part of the anniversary questline, we thought it would be the perfect day to get in game and help players get through some of the events. So if you are needing help with the Anniversary questline (either the first or second part), you will find the developers running around in game.

We will be on once the patch goes live around 11 AM CST, and will be on most the day. I will post some updates on this thread of where we are meeting before getting groups together to run the content, so if you’re a brand new or veteran player, and can make it, come join in on the fun!


We are going to be in game checking the patch for about 30 min, then we plan on meeting up outside of the highsteppe gates near the graveyard before going off and doing some quests. I’ll update the post when were starting to meet up.


We are about to go do some of the events, well be waiting near player house until 12:45 PM CST before heading out.


How long are you guys planning on being on?

A couple more hours


Forgot to update the thread, we jumped out of game. Had a great time in game and glad to see everyone!


Was awesome to play with y’all :grin:

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