Community Wiki now available

I’ve been feeling like there’s a lot of good information about OrbusVR spread out over the web, so I went ahead and centralized as much of it as I could. I present to you…

This is the first time I’ve worked on a wikia site – I’m sure there’s lots of room for improvement. Go improve it! Please.

(I suppose I should say to the OrbusVR team that I hope you don’t mind me doing this. I’ve tried to make it clear that everything OrbusVR-related is your IP, copyright You, and I’ve been careful to cite your original works as the source for all the info. That said, if there’s anything here that you don’t like, just say the word. Last thing I want is to make extra work for you guys.)

Okay, hope you learn something interesting! :man_with_turban:


wow, it’s pretty well done. Most of the things already said are here.

Good job.

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Totally fine with me. I would also consider setting up a self-hosted Wiki on our own site that’s official that the community could contribute to if that’s preferable. Honestly I think both ways have their advantages. So just let me know which you prefer.


An Orbus-hosted Wiki would no doubt provide a better experience; Fandom’s ads can be pretty obnoxious. I just don’t want to distract you from the Very, Very Important Work you’re doing :smile: If at some point down the road it fits your schedule, I’m totally behind moving to an official Wiki. :man_with_turban:


THIS! Whatever we can do to help offload stuff so that ya’ll just get to focus on neato game makin. :smiley:

Wikia is a little aggressive with ads especially on mobile it becomes difficult to read. What kind of help could you use for setting up the official wiki?

technically, this forum, discourse has a built in wiki engine, allowing anyone with a certain trust level to modify wiki posts.

Riley already activated the tags, so he could activate the wikis too. But it will certainly take a bit of time to fully understand and control wikis on discourse.

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And as I reply, I see we can already make wikis.

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Oh, interesting. I didn’t realize it did that. I’ll dive into that more here in a bit.

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Where do you access it?

In fact, you don’t “access” it, you can turn any post into a wiki post, allowing people with a certain trust level to modify the content.

The trust level is an automated system that gives more power to people who participate in the life of the forum, it’s highly manageable, but you can never be sure about the “security”.

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Ah, I kind of wondered about that. Basically StackOverflow’s Community Wiki.

I did go ahead and set up a MediaWiki installation for us to use, more details here:

Feel free to move over info as you are able. Thanks!