Confessions of a noob - what is a tileset?

I hear the term tileset being tossed around a lot, and after some basic searching of the web I found this:

But this seems to be nothing more than a rotation counter for mages.

So, what exactly is a tileset?

A tileset is a group of tiles you put on a piece of gear. Every tile is an action. Like a fireball or haven’t hit a monster for over 2 seconds.

When you execute those actions in the order of your tileset than the tileset will trigger. This triggered tileset stays for a few seconds (4 to 8 seconds depending on length of the tileset) and gives you a damage boost of a bit less than 10% (the logic of the boost itself is a whole can of worms on itself I won’t bother you with now). You can keep up 3 tilesets at a time. If another procs it just overrides one of the 3 that are already active.

Tilesets can be used in every class. They all have their own specific tilesets.

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So, it is gear-specific? I suppose that means I need to actually get level 30 gear or something? I played a little bit of WoW in the past. Is this tileset system similar to the gem and socket system?

Yes … (never played wow x3) it is gear specific. You typically want at least lvl 30 gear but can use it on any lvl. The tileset is bound to the gear you apply it to so keep that in mind. But you can replace tilesets by using a different set on your gear - this is not the best thing to do as it deletes the previous set.

I have different gear for all my classes that have different sets on them.

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