Connection closed by remote host... Please restart the game to reconnect!

I am suddenly getting kicked out of the game every 2 minutes. I can’t play orbus currently.
I think this might be related to the other post about the oculus quest crashing continously.

I restarted my pc, oculus and the game many many times. I am on oculus rift.

i’m loosing out on the 50% xp boost, please help fix!

Edit: it might be even less than 2 minutes before I get booted.

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Is Orbus having technical issues today? @Mathieu_D

Hi, we had somebody else experience similar issues recently and they figured out it was their home WiFi causing the issues. Additionally somebody else found a cause for issues with the following:

See if you’re able to play on a different wifi network without issues (like if you can tether through your phone, for example.) Hopefully that helps pinpoint the problem.


I am on a wired commercial cisco network (not the home gear). It is always solid.
Maybe my ISP is having issues today since I just noticed that I am also having dns problems at this moment.

Thank you for stepping in and confirming that it wasn’t your end.

I’m going to do this. My dual-band router might be part of the problem.

Called my ISP and yup, they were having routing issues which are apparently resolved finally.
Here I come!!


Just updated my router network ssid so that the 5Ghz band is broadcasting on a different name then the 2.4Ghz and I’m fairly confident that has fixed my issue. Will update again if connection continues to drop, but so far so good!

Glad to hear that, keep us updated!

That’s interesting. It’s also possible that if you are on 2.4Ghz and someone uses a cordless phone (who uses those now days?) or bluetooth, or the microwave, it could interfere and cut your connection since they all work on 2.4Ghz. I always to try to use 5Ghz whenever I can and never have any issues.

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