Connection error when I died in dungeon :-/


Tried some dungeon again today
when I died during boss fights I almost every time got an connection error and fell back to the login screen…unfortunately due the already known issue when I logged in again I was put into another instance of that dungeon…alone…so just could leave the group and dungeon was over :unamused:

This happened 3 or 4 times in a row, very frustrating

I played on the Quest so I can give no log unfortunately


Sorry about that. At the very least, I’m working on getting that instance bug fixed, I’ve just had other things pile up in front of it. It won’t make tomorrows patch, but hopefully soon after.

As for the actual d/c, we’ll keep a note of that and try to get it ironed out.


With the newer issue of not being able to reenter a previously started dungeon when problems happen, I wonder if it would be possible to roll back the change where you are automatically removed from a dungeon queue party when you leave the dungeon? That way, if something like this happens, you are more likely to be able to reenter the correct instance of the dungeon?

Since part of the problem was that people wouldn’t realize they were still in a party and had trouble re-queueing, maybe a separate error message for those such as “your party members did not accept the queue” or something similar…

I also kinda miss the staying in a party thing since it meant you could have a group which could be formed through the queue and then continue running dungeons without having to reform the party :slightly_smiling_face:

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oah…that was an aweful night!! I tried it again and again…always something happened. Once my Quest flipped out totaly making the world spin around me and lost my hands completely…almost got VR-sick there for the first time :nauseated_face:

Again of course I could not re-enter my instance of the dungeon…what is even more frustrating is that I still could hear my party members in that dungeon but they couldn´t hear me! They were asking where our healer is gone…and then decided that they don´t need a healer anyway although we agreed upon that if somebody got problems we meet outside the dungeon entry to re-group :unamused:
Also…isn´t there a way that I could message one of the party members?? I couldn´t find that option…

The very last dungeon suddenly worked but there was a quite new tank and a dps that wanted to play the musky although I was the healer and he didn´t want to let me switch to ranger :roll_eyes:

Anyway…hope that gets fixed soon, because dungeons are good fun…if they WORK!


You should have been able to talk to them by lifting your compass to your mouth while in party mode (purple)


That’s what I tried…
As I was not sure which is the right channel I tried both…shaking the compass like a maniac in the end :joy:


Should be trigger pull to switch now :sweat_smile:


Don’t be nitpicking :grin:
…and party channel is the default anyways…

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