Continously crashing near cemetery in Jungle city

Hey, Got killed near the Jungle city, after respawning the game crashed. Now when login in, The game crashes immediatly after loading the environment.

Already sent an error report but I can upload the crash log if neccesary.
Meanwhile, could someone Reset “LarsDraco” position, please?


Can you try using this Launcher and see if it fixes your issue? If not let me know and I will move you:

Hey Riley, thank you, the fix worked perfectly. Was able to continue with my stuck char. However, later I got another weird bug, I got disconnected during a battle and When I returned I saw myself right next to me, Eventually the monster killed my duplicate, and he was there as if you could resurrect him. I took a couple of screenshots if it’s any good. This happened in the farm, against the blue lizard.

Thank you

Sometimes when you crash there’s still a clone, it’s a common bug