Controller not vibrating when fishing

Hey all,

I’m playing with a friend who is using a Lenovo headset and touch controllers, they work and vibrate normally for all activities except for fishing, making it impossible for him to fish. Does anyone know why this might be happening or how he can fix it?


They vibrate for other activities normally? As far as I know there is a bug currently in SteamVR itself where Windows MR headsets don’t vibrate their controllers at all…

Talked to him about it today, they vibrate for other games but not at all in this game (sorry for previously saying it did for other activities).

I can confirm that this is happening on the Samsung HMD Odyssey windows mixed reality headset as well. I have not had the opportunity to test it with the steam beta and windows mr beta though.

Vibration works for me in other steam games like Arizona Sunshine but it has wmr headsets officially supported. I can’t think of any examples where vibration works with games that don’t have official wmr support.

I have been constantly jerking back the controller to compensate for this but I can’t tell if there is a disadvantage to doing that.

I think this is an even bigger issue than just supporting vibration (which I don’t really care about) because this also affects people on supported controllers where the vibration hardware on the controller is broken and people who might have a hard time feeling vibrations from nerve damage.

I would prefer to see an obvious visual indicator added to the existing vibration. That way, the vibration is a nice to have add on instead of being a necessity.

Perhaps an arrow pointing up appears above the bobber when the hook action is needed?

I just read the patch notes for 4.12 and saw this:

Added a “bob and splash” effect to the bobber when you get a bite while fishing, which should hopefully make it easier to see when you get a bite when using Windows MR headsets.

I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but I wanted to say THANK YOU to the developers for adding something to address this. It means a lot to all of us using WMR headsets!

It’s really awesome to see that you guys are listening. Who knows, I might actually enjoy fishing now :grinning:!

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