Controller Vibration Sensitivity

Is there a way to turn it completely off? I’ve tried many times to put the bar way at the bottom and I can still feel a tiny vibration. These controllers are using up so many batteries!! It is possible to get an on/off option for that @Mathieu_D?

you can by turning the bar down if your still feeling it then try putting it lower

@stone_r I’ve tried putting it all the way down many times and I still feel a tiny vibration.

@Kelly_A This slider is a little finicky so you may need to click on the edge of the box several times to adjust it all the way down. It should move very slightly once you get click on the correct area.
Ideally we can improve this functionality at some point but in the meantime you should still be able to adjust it all the way down it just takes a little bit of fidgeting.

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@Jake_E Thanks, I’ll give it another go :kissing_heart:

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