Cooking: A taste of VR


Cooking is a perfect fit for the game. We already have fishing and player homes which could play into cooking. It would take advantage of VR crafting mechanics similar to how alchemy does. I’d really just like to bring the fish I catch or a nice worg steak home and fry it up in a little kitchen. I don’t even care what advantage it offers. Maybe buffs, maybe it just increases the items value, it could do literally nothing. Maybe some things you fry up in a minute or two, maybe some you chop, mix, prepare, then let stew for a few hours. Spices and recipes would be fun finds similar to alchemy recipes.
It plays into all the games strengths and really it just sounds super cozy.


No thanks, I cook enough as-is. Alchemy is already pushing it. I took one look at that pot and said, “uh-uh”.


speak for yourself I am 100% for this suggestion! Bring on the cooking


maybe if you eat a certain amount then you get a health boost of sorts, but bad quality food can maybe slow down your regen or lower your total health pool for maybe half an orbusvr day


lol, I’m with Fern on this, I really don’t want to kill my in-game playtime grinding for food ingredients/cooking as I already have to do that IRL and it’s taking away from my Orbus-time. Also, I do not want a hunger bar please.


I sort of like this suggestion. I feel like there is definitely room for both potions a food buffs, and the cooking element could be a more long-form version of brewing. Imagine setting a roast before leaving for work and pulling it out of the VR oven when you get home. Neat idea even without buffs or anything.

If they make it so that higher ended crafted meals set down a table with servings for a party, that could add another neat element.

Maybe make it so its a small long term buff, like an hour or three of a small boost to a stat.


Imagine putting in a roast in the morning before work - bleh. Some of us do that already. Do that yourself irl! What are you eating instead?


I mean, I can fish IRL too. Does that mean we should completely ignore it as a concept and brush it off?


Do you have to fish? Because I have to cook.

I’m here to kill sh** with my friends. Not slave over stoves and shopping like real life. This is awful.


That doesn’t really make any sense. Are we trying to eliminate everything you’d do IRL too?

Should we remove walking?


We are clearly playing Orbus for different reasons. Go ahead and add cooking. Make sure to add an hour plus of cleaning quests per day too.


I honestly don’t see that harm in another optional crafting class that could be used to generate money or provide long lasting buffs to a party or solo for a small amount of ingredients and some time in a cooking pot.


I’m all for interesting crafting mechanics, but in all honesty Alchemy is already cooking. It’s just nothing but soup. I’d rather see gear crafting before cooking


I really like cooking irl, enough that I’m studying nutrition. I like it so much I want it in video games. More food. It’s not like it would be mandatory, like alchemy and fishing aren’t.


Yeah! Blacksmithing! I’d gladly forge some blades!


That is something you can do IRL, and some people already work metal shops.


Kind of a moot point for people that don’t want to cook…

Don’t want to cook but want to kill stuff? Use the money from that to buy the food from other players.

Don’t want to kill stuff all the time and want to cook? Cook some food and sell to other players for dram.

It’s not that complicated lol. I think the whole point is he is adding something he thinks would be something he wants in the game. You can say you don’t like it for xyz but no need to tear his post apart because it’s not necessarily your “cup of tea” :wink:


Sigh. Bigger sigh. Hangs head.

We have this magical game world, you could ask for anything, but you want cooking?

I have been cooking regularly since I was a little girl. I am a from scratch cook, it I is a major part of my life and identity. I desperately want to escape that in my imaginary game life.


Then why does having it as an optional thing for others to play with bug you?


Because if there is buff, then I have to have it to min/max. That adds busy work.