Cooking: A taste of VR


I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but I don’t think cooking would be a good idea in the current state of OrbusVR right now.

If cooking is used for healing then it would potentially take from the musketeer class.
If cooking is used for buffs why not have alchemy do that? I mean potions sound a bit more magical and buff inducing than food (unless it is magical food…hm…).

If you guys want to sell cooking to the developers I would recommend finding other uses for cooking. Lure’s, hunting, quest, growing a pet or keeping it, exp boosting?, idk.


Cooking can have a number of good uses in this game, and it would certainly fit the theme of a VR mmorpg.
Running speed, small health regeneration, anything…
Also Blacksmithing sounds awesome!
People who are concerned with min//max are just plain silly, by that logic we should give out free aged healing potions too because it’s min/max already. We could never add new stuff that did anything other than cosmetic if we need to think about the people who dont want to put in any effort but still have everything.

It’s a role playing game, it’s meant to be taking time and actually simulate the real deal. Otherwise I could just play any number of non vr mmorpgs.


I just like cooking for what it is. Fun. It can add something totally new to the game. I actually do not want it to be a buff or for healing, because than some players feel obligated to do it. It should have a different use.
I think that a lot of player would like the addition of cooking. Otherwise this thread would not be so active.
To be honest, wouldn’t it be nice if someone would give you food (for which they spend their time and brain on) after a nice victory? I would appreciate it.


For those saying that this would mean you’d need to fish:
No it wouldn’t. Do you fish now for potions or just buy them? It’d be the same after this, right?


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