Cosmetic shop bug?

Hi, I have bought a few items and then they show up immediately in my backpack that’s great!
But the very next time I visit the NPC who gives out rewards by backers
You know the one that says if you have anything he’s giving it to you.
Well he actually gives me a duplicate item of the item I bought at the cosmetics shop.
At first I thought this was really great, however after I pick it up I then notice that the items I’ve purchased start not working very well or at all?. As well as the cloned item he gave me.
I’ll admit I’m super new bought the game 8 days ago haven’t been able to play more than 28 hours… So is this normal?.

Whatever you do, dont wave at him again. You will get duplicate items which you will not be able to delete and will inevitability create an issue where you have to waste a slot of inventory for it. I stay far away from that NPC as i dont want more sparkle guns

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I do not have that issue and I bought couple shop items before - likely devs should look into it, but they will likely need people’s ingame name (exact spelling, lowercase/uppercase etc.). Or use the ingame-report button for that in the menu.

What do you mean by the item doesn’t work well or at all? Because most items from the shop (except mounts and the sparkle gun, I believe) are cosmetic - meaning you break them down and use them to change the appearance of other gear.

Thank you for the heads-up, I now have 3 items and 3 clones …glad to stop the madness at 6 slots.

Thanks I will look for this in game reporting button. Where should I look for it at?

There’s a video here for where to find it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you.

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