Could Orbus benefit from Spritz reading?

When talking to NPCs, I noticed I stopped reading them because it felt like a bit of a slog to have to step back and focus on each word to read it. Doesn’t feel as effortless as in a 2d game.

Could it benefit from a Spritz-like implementation?

Here’s a gif of someone implementing it in a game

In the gif above, it has a way of feeling like the spider is talking even though there’s no audible voice. There could be pause between words that need it, etc.

What are your thoughts?

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I don’t really want to sit through 5 minutes of dialogue just to turn in a quest. I can read way faster than talking speed.

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Right, any way to not skip dialogue is just bad design. I’m just talking about implementing the tech in a friendly way. You could even speed up the spritz as well (check out the demo on their page).

Ah yes the demo on their page is a lot better. I think the only problem is there’s no real way to go back and read the text in case you realize you missed something important. But honestly, I think in general this is something that should really be solved in the quest descriptions or quest markers, which are sometimes terrible (in the where did I get this quest again? don’t remember where to turn this in)

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I would suggest some way of looking at dialogue history, and that should be displayed similar to the way it is now (paragraphs of text).

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Thanks for the suggestions my dudes! I’m definitely on the look out for ways to make the dialogue not only easier to digest, but more engaging for the player. Something we’ve been trying to create in this game is a way to bring story to the forefront and really engage the players in both plot and lore.


If somehow we could record the text to our journals or have a book/journal dedicated for npc/quest text. You could implement pressing the journal toward the NPC (same as learning mage spells). This would allow you backup and read the text later.


While I like that idea… I would only want it if we get tabs because scrolling past every bit of quest text would take 30 minutes.


Agreed, once tabs are implemented it would be great to have a “dialogue log” that has a history of dialogue we have seen recently.

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