Crashing issue, link with login (fixed by redownloading luncher)

so i’ve been playing for 2 days and really enjoyed it, now this morning I started the game and it was alright until I clicked on the button LOGIN of my character (a new character that I started yesterday just for the event), then came the loading with the hourglass and after that still with the hourglass it stay there (the first time it took me like 10 min before realising that the program was not responding) so yeah it’s not responding after that.

I’ve tried a few things like creating a new character (it work for the first log and never after, I ended up deleting it), logging in différent character (nop still not working), I’ve uninstall my Geforce Experience (then it work for the real fist time but I restarted it because could’nt teleport with my good hand, and never worked again) so yeah that’s pretty much it.

I kind of need help I can’t seem to figure my problem(s).

Truely sorry about the grammar I’m fench canadian and my keyboard’s lag because of the wireless hahahah

So you’re saying that the game just stalls up after you log in even on the character you’ve been playing for the past two days?

After you close the game, if you open the Launcher there is a section in the bottom-left where you can Submit a Report, please do that if you haven’t already and mention your issue and it will send me your logs so I can take a look.

alright I’ll do this right now thanks for the reply

Ok so everything’s working fine now, u can close this post, I don’t know if I can but if yes I’ll do it. Also I send the report this morning

Okay we got your report, I hadn’t had a chance to dive into it yet. I wonder what the problem was?

nop finally it’s not solved, I’ve sen you 2 other report,

I mean there’s nothing in your log that’s showing anything wrong…you’re saying it’s not actually crashing, it just stalls up? And you’re waiting like 5 minutes and nothing is happening? The little hourglass appearing if you’re on Oculus is normal, that might take 5-30 seconds to go away…

I did notice it says your graphics are set to Ultra, what are the specs on your computer?

I7700 with 1080 an 16gb ddr4, my bro said he saw me appear everytime I tried to log but my char is not responding, also sometime when it crash I can see the sunrise and the horizon line. Everytime it crashes it says program not responding.

also I tried 2 times to take a smoke brake (around 8 min) and came back and the loading was still on.

Have you tried deleting the folder and re-downloading the game? That’s the only other thing I can think of…

For some reason the game is just stalling out while trying to load the data for the level I think.

no I didn’t try, it’s the only thing I didn’t do even do I’ve think about it a lots ahaha it’s because my internet suck sometime like 400kb/s so it’s going to be long but if it’s the only thing left to do I suppose I’ll try hahaha I’ll give you news right after for sure.

Sorry about that. You can also download it here in a ZIP file, it’s compressed so it should download more quickly for you:

Thanks I’ll do this right away

Yeah it work like a charm, I’ve tried it 3 times and it work the 3 times so thanks for the help.

Take care and cya all in the game :smiley:


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