Crashing on Oculus Quest


So I’ve been experiencing crashing on the Oculus Quest and I have some information that may help. I’ve narrowed the majority of the crashes down to what I think is a queue for PvP or a dungeon popping. Every time I join a PvP queue (and sometimes when I join a dungeon queue) the game crashes straight to Oculus Home 10-15 minutes later. I believe the game is crashing when the queue “pops”. I have factory reset my headset for this issue and I shut the headset down every night, as well as sometimes between crashes, but I get the same issues. I know it has been mentioned that this is a memory management issue with the Quest itself, but I don’t think that is the sole reason (if at all) considering my other games run fine and others (although only a few) have posted this issue as well. I’ve been holding out for the past two weeks on this hoping an update would fix it, but after two updates, I’m now hoping the information in this post can help.

EDIT: I’d like to clarify that I am mostly sure that the queue’s popping cause this issue, because I have played a few sessions without queueing and have experienced next to no issues. I’ve only successfully made it into two battlegrounds without crashing so far, which is a bummer considering the amount of missions I have for them.


Okay, thanks for the info, we’ll definitely check that out!


That was fast :slight_smile:

If you attempt to replicate it, the battlegrounds queue crashes my headset pretty reliably, the dungeon queue generally works.


Hi! I am also having crashing issue on Oculus Quest however I am not queuing for dungeons or PvP at all. It seems like my game is crashing about every 10-15 mins on my musketeer while my scoundrel seems to be fine. I will test out if it is only an issue on musketeer in the next couple days.


Okay, another thing to try if you didn’t already, is do a full reboot of the headset (hold down Power until you can pick “Restart”)


Mine just crashed twice in the space of 10 minutes or so. Also playing musketeer. First time was just clicking on an item in my inventory, second was just walking along outside of Highsteppe. Had problems previously too, don’t notice anything in common (other than me only ever playing musketeer).


I’ll add that I play on a scoundrel. Also, I experience two different types of crashes.

The first crash happens very rarely and for seemingly no reason, but after the game crashes, the next time I launch it, it crashes on the loading screen. The next time I launch it after that, it crashes on the character select screen. Then, the next time I launch it, it works. The follow up crashes still happen even if I restart the headset after the initial one.

The second, and far more common crash for me simply closes the game, then when I relaunch it, everything is fine. This crash has yet to happen to me outside of waiting in a queue for a battleground or dungeon. It is way more common in the battleground queue than the dungeon queue I’ve noticed.

If other people experiencing crashes wouldn’t mind explaining if they are similar to either of the two I get, it may help these guys figure this out faster. :slight_smile:


Similar, I get variations on your second case

  1. screen freezes, drop to oculus home, app go poof, relaunch and it’s fine (just while playing, or zoning)
  2. screen freezes… stays frozen (usually when zoning) have to kill app and restart

I haven’t been seeing crashes on loading screen or character select

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My crashes are exactly the same as Frank_R’s above, both 1) and 2). After my 2 crashes last night and posting about those above, I did a full restart of the Quest and went back in to the game, it lasted longer that time but crashed again after maybe 15-20 mins before I gave up. Was just wandering around outside Highsteppe fighting mobs and harvesting herbs during that period, again nothing specific seemed to cause the crash.


Okay we are working on tracking these down via testing today internally, thanks for the feedback!


Did you guys make any ground on this? I had 2 days of no crashes and then they started up again yesterday. I turn my headset off every night and Orbus is the only game I’v launched since the last factory reset.


Did you do queues during the 2 days when you had no crashes?


Yeah, I was actually able to play multiple battlegrounds and dungeons. I’ve been trying different things to attempt to replicate the crash faster but I can’t seem to find a way to make it happen reliably.

I’ve noticed the battleground queues are generally longer. So it may just be that there’s more time for the crash to happen in a BG queue. But I cannot get the game to crash outside of a queue.


I just crashed while in queue for pvp but there were others in queue as well and when I relogged they were still in Highsteppe, so I’m starting to think that isn’t the issue.

EDIT: I’ve also noticed that when you open the menu repeatedly, or spam click the backpack or other tabs, the “mono” ram usage increases rapidly, but it will only go up around 30mb before it dumps back down. I get some minor lag when it dumps. Just an observation and the game doesnt crash when I do this.


I just got the game and have already crashed 4 times within maybe 30-40 minutes of gameplay. Just fiddling around the starting area not even completed the first mission to kill whatever they’re called.

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Hi, sorry for the issues! By any chance, were you playing a lot of different games/had opened a lot of other apps before launching Orbus on that session? Or was it after a fresh boot up of the headset?


I had just done a factory reset and reinstalled all my games. After the third crash I rebooted and it crashed again. I played again later and it crashed 2 or 3 times over an hour or two (not having played anything else in the meantime).