Crazy lag in Citadel

Did any one else experience a ton of lag on Napur today(Tuesday)?

Extreme frame rate drop, screen flashing to black, etc.

It was being experienced by all members of the party at the same time and would last for 10-20 seconds, until everyone was dead and the boss was leashed. After graveyarding we would continue to experience it for a second or two then it would be okay for a little while.

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Thought it was just me lol. I had to switch off of Mage because the jumpy frames meant I got MAYBE 2-3 spells off within 15 seconds.

Was this only in raid or did anyone experience this outside of raid like in overworld zones?

its mostly citadel for me. tavern dummies with lots of players also make me lag a little and affect shaman orb respawn/crit.

I only played in the raid so I can’t vouch either way outside of that.

It was around 845 pm EST to about 915 pm EST when we were experiencing it.

In our Citadel Hardmode boss 1 I did not have any lagg yesterday.

I did one raid, a week from last Tuesday?

All 10 of us hit like 3000 latency same time and all woke up dead on Napur from Crystals. It was also around 10:30 EST.

Everyone thought it was an individual problem when everyone else froze but then we realized it was everyone.