Create an item that lets people draw in the air

Yes, it’s like the wand, except you use it to draw things that people can see!

I was giving people directions and I realized it would be a lot easier to draw in the air and have the person see it while drawing.

Falls under the reporting guidelines
Drawings persist for 30 seconds out in the world, and 5 minutes to party members or fellowship members.
The item has to be equipped in your weapon slot to draw
The item has several basic colors to select from
The item itself can just be displayed as your hand so you draw with the finger
Takes up 1 inventory slot, but weighs nothing of course.

What I imagine it can be useful for

Breadcrumbs for party members/fellowship
Tactical planning for raids
Giving directions to people
Charades/Pictionary fun
Wholesome entertainment


I’d enjoy being able to craft signs in the shape of an arrow. We could just hold that into the air to give directions :smiley: would be funny too


I’d be tempted to draw fallic shapes for all to see


That’s a risk I’m willing to take to give the community even better VR tools. Since they already have mute/report/barrier features, they could probably roll up drawings into the mute feature.

This would invoke the game designer’s TTP rule… Time To Penis.
I’m pretty sure it would be 0.01 seconds.

How about equipping it to a utility slot, like swapping it for the teleporter.

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This is a really great idea.

However signs could be a nightmare for censorship.

My suggestion is ability to draw in the back pages of our books and send the pages as messages

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Right, it could be more restrictive, for example…only people in party or fellowship can see it. This virtually eliminates all the abuse that could go on publically. You could also shorten the time from 30s to 10s, though this would be a bandaid.

Other solutions could simply be creating better party management tools/features so you can quickly drop/join parties, have recent parties, kick people from parties, etc.And make it so drawings last for the full duration as long as you were in that party while it was drawn.

My point is, there are tons of ways to minimize the negatives while enjoying all the positives of the feature if the dev team thinks this is something they can do considering the drawing feature already exists in spellcasting.


I think its a great idea, however it should onto show up to those who you are friends with or perhaps in a party too, this would solve any annoyances (:slight_smile:

I think it is a great idea! I really would like more social interactions with people outside of my Mic. Because I get a lot of phone calls while playing that I’d rather not have broadcasted over Mic so I mute myself to be polite to my fellow adventurer, but then I can’t talk to them! To be able to draw at them would be wonderful. :slight_smile:

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