Critter capture misfires

Can anyone tell me why the critter capture gun is so intermittent when firing? Half the time when you fire nothing happens. It’s not a huge issue but several people I have spoken to have the same issue. I don’t see this when firing my class wepon. Is this a design trait to make it more challenging?

I always assumed it was just ping. I only ever notice the misfiring when I have high latency. Works pretty nominally the rest of the time.

It seems like the faster the target the more it happens. I am wondering if there is a fire rate similar to Scoundrel. I think you are not able to fire a new net if one is in the air with nothing in it. Maybe you can only fire two or three per second. That’s really the question. Is there a design trait that limits the number of shots per second?

You can definitely fire a net if one is in the air with nothing in it, i have spammed them in the air and it is possible to have up to 3 in the air at a time.

I believe the netgun is set up in a way that when you pull the trigger, it tells the server that you want to shoot it, then the server replies back that you shot it (which then you’d see the net shoot out). So if you don’t see it shoot right away, or multiple shoot at the time time after a bit, it is most likely due to network lag.

It’s a good way to check your ping to the server! :stuck_out_tongue: