Crosssfire? SLI?

Does Orbus on PC VR support crossfire graphics?

No, only 5 or six VR titles support SLI. Not aware of any that support xfire.

it’ll still work and run fine tho, you just won’t get any benefit from the extra card(s).

Just wanted to add, the only reason that Raw Data has Nvidia SLI is NVIDIA put some dev work into a plugin that you could use. But it makes dev work murky as they made it then left it alone. Croteam who made the serious sam games and The Talos Principle put a ton of work into their VR engine/games and the SLI scaling is impressive. Pretty sure there are couple Demos out there that utilize SLI, but I think Xfire was never implemented. AMD Has ben a bit natorias in not responding to devs when they ask fo help to get things to work. TOTALLY not trying to start the green vs red debate here though.

For VR it’s best to go for the most powerful single card you can have.

I say this as a person that helps make custom SLI profiles for flat screen games as even Nvidia is becoming neglectful of SLI.

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