Crypt first boss always becomes untargetable when you wipe on it bug


we wiped on the first boss of crypt… Everytime this happens (100% of the time from what I have seen) he bugs out

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I’ve definitely seen wipes where this does not happen.


Yeah idk how many ppl this reported already, this is so frustrating, dont even want to do this dungeon anymore because of that shit


This was on a shard 7 with mobile aggressive. the shard belonged to Debellare


Here is vid from the other day when it happened


Sorry about that, we’ll investigate why that might be happening.


I have seen this happen when the boss is leashed down the ramp and then gets stuck when it moves back to its original position.


Did you happen to wipe during the Beam phase? If so I put some new code in that is now active that should cause it not to get stuck if that happens. Let me know if that helped.

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Rickness video showed the boss stuck while not being on the beam phase. But on the stun phase instead. So that can’t be the only moment it gets stuck.


This happens all the time, from what I have seen it happens during any part of the fight


I would also add that I have seen it present since beta

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Oh I was kind of hoping this was fixed since I put out the patch and hadn’t heard about it in like a week. Is it still happening every time? Or have people now seen wipes where it didn’t get stuck?


I actually haven’t ran a crypt since last week :kissing: lol sorry


I don’t think we have wiped on this boss since this fix so can’t say for sure yet


Our group has wiped before on the first boss this week and we have not seen it get stuck yet.