Curving Shots - Scoundrel

Hi All,

Does anyone have a good video / technique on how to curve shots with the scoundrel vertically? Noticed when I try this on my quest while sitting down its impossible to get the shot to curve top to bottom. Maybe I need to stand or I am missing something with the trigger? Watched a few videos and nothing was extremely specific. Left to right and right to left seem to curve fine. Any help is appreciated.

This isn’t vertical, but this is the best way to do it. It may help with the vertical part of it. Ignore the fact the thumbnail is me missing ._.

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@Xenocider so after watching your video I figured out exactly what I was doing wrong. You didn’t specifically say it but you need to hold your gun in a way that that the left to right motion becomes the up and down motion. Basically orientating the gun similar to how a gansta would lmao. Sideways or horizontal. This should fix everything. I was trying to curve the bullet while holding the gun perfectly vertical. Thank you again for the video! You earned a like and a subscribe! Will confirm tonight if this fixes my issue.

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Happy I could help :slight_smile:

Confirmed. Just needed to turn the gun. Thanks again!

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