Custom title nominations

Ok this might sound weird but I nominate Big Smokey as the god of being afk I’m not kidding every time I see this mans they be afk.

And anyone else who has made a name for themselves like Mishka the obsidian mob boss.

woah dude… you just said his name… you should know what happens to people who slander the bosses name…they disappear, and the bodies are never found

I hear he goes for the kneecaps first


chase don’t tell people about how the boss does his tricks you know what will happen

Meme Master title for Meshe please <3


Honks for Rupert title for Meshe.
I’m Too Good to Add A Profile Pic On My YouTube Channel for Mishka.


if we talk about titles than (Luck Master) or (God of Luck) for me cause that it fitting


Thats what i have been saying

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custom title nominations: Went even higher…

given to the player who went…even higher


I would totally trying going even higher if you could get that title

there is no way you could go even higher

You don’t deserve “God of Luck”
The sprout with demon wings does

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