Cyrox's concept compellation

For the last couple weeks, I have had a google doc just to write ideas I had because I like doing so and I have decided that maybe I should share it so here.

Your concepts are really great ideas. The “toss” thing for dragons replaced with “release” can make heartbreaks less common.

  • Maybe instead of toss when selecting a dragon, it says “release” . or can be given to an npc in the dragon shop that is a dragon orphanage that will “take care of them” possible quests could be to talk to them or received by them.

A true dragon trainer hehehehe :slight_smile: that’s cute

Being able to have quick response messages or voice messages to stuff like invites as well as a way to block/ mute people from invites since nothing is worse than telling someone to stop sending invites/ i’m in a raid/shard/dungeon

This. Can we have a DND status or something so that people can’t send random messages to begin with? I agree with your other comment on being able to deafen as an option too.

Your right. They really should add that. But developers are working on other things. They cant get to all the features the community has to share with them that quickly. The ideas Cyrox has may not be worked on for a while.

I only have one dragon, but he is cute.

Yep most of these are low priority ideas.

Oh. Instead of a like a DND status since during dungeons/shards/raids is really the only times everyone doesn’t want messages what if in the friend list it could show next to someone’s name just a one word location if they are in a dungeon/shard/raid. For example if im on your friend list and im in a shard ill appear in your friend list as Sheeku - Shard then that way people know you’re in a shard but you can still get messages if they really need to get ahold of you because typically DND mode in games suppresses messages and things.

That could work out. They could still put the DND status thing in there as well, just in case your doing a dungeon and dont want constant messages (cause it could happen).

I don’t really play the game anymore. But i want to make it a better game for anyone playing.

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