Daeresha’s Orbus Fan Art - Thread#3

random :thinking: also merry fan artmiss

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sounds good @Pyronaeus and Promiedota :smile:


I’ll get you the info needed ASAP. I’m out of town so don’t have access to my in game pics, but I’ll see if Sparky has screenshots I can send you :slight_smile:

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I need to dress up in-game … what am I saying, I’m always dressed up x3

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:upside_down_face: thanks for trying

Here is @Richleth’s fanart

I didn’t get as much done over the holidays as I thought I would, so for now there won’t be a new opening, only until I get the two Christmas commissions completed :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m not gonna talk about the time I dropped it down the pit in the second last room of temple…

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I would love a chance at having a piece made, when ever another opportunity comes up. =o

You really have some amazing work.

How do I officially apply for a spot? Or do have have to wait for an opening to be called?

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You’ll have to wait for an opening. Currently PromI and I are getting one done so after that she’ll open commissions. First come, first serve.

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Just nobody tell Promie, is a surprise gift


Technically you could get your clan members to claim a spot for you when it opens up Boom xD

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I wonder what it will look like, I hope the pictures mishka asked me for are helpful. :+1:


Same, its exciting!!!


Apologies for the delay, here are Pyronaeus and Promiedota!

I went a little Bob Ross on Pyronaeus’ background, but I think it came out nice with the warm sunset tone and a few “happy little trees” :blush:


First lemme say that this community is amazing, and that includes the dev team. And that’s why I’ve stuck around as long as I have even though I don’t play anymore. It’s been awesome creating fanart for everyone! Love you all! However, I think I want to take a break from Orbus art to explore/enjoy some other art forms. This does not mean I’m done, more like I want to learn some new and different things and hopefully find a way to improve my art. If anyone wants to see the non-Orbus stuffs I make, then it will be posted to my DeviantArt page: https://www.deviantart.com/daeresha

BUT… before I break, there is gonna be one more opening. This spot is reserved for one specific person should they still want a pic. If they don’t, then I won’t be taking a request at this time. Morfran, it’s your turn should you still be interested? If you are, then as usual, the following info would be appreciated:

This can be PM ‘d to me later, preferably within a day or so, as I can’t get started without it. It could take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on real life, for me to complete the request.

• Toon’s name if different from the forum
• Favorite class to play, or classes, or undetermined?
• Male or female toon, or undetermined?
• Favorite colors?
• Armor styled similar to in-game wear, or an original outfit?
• What is one or two of your favorite activities in OrbusReborn? Or did you have an idea for your fanart?
• Please include a pic of your avatar without helm.
Any other reference pics are appreciated.


Great work as usual. I especially like the bob ross background. I can hear him now ‘beating the devil out of it’ and making happy little clouds and trees


I love that you thought of me but I have no reference pictures and can’t get any for my oculus broke.

However if you can make do with this and maybe some of my friends have some pictures they can drop in here.

  1. Name- Morfran
  2. Class- Mage
  3. Gender- male
  4. Color- White and royal blue
  5. Armor- Old School last raid gear set with spiro chest/
    5(a) weapon would be blue crystal wand for I forgot it’s name.
  6. Favorite in game hobby’s- Breeding my Size 8 pure White Sea pets and Size 0 pure white mouse pets and everything in between sized pure white tiger pets. I also love gathering and teaching newer players tricks and tips as well as entertain them with old school Orbus story’s. I love playing with the light spell and firework spell.

So with that said I hope you can come up with something and I hope my friends can provide some reference pictures for I have none bc I lost em all a while back. You’re free to go crazy for I’ve always been fascinated by your work and don’t want to limit you in any way possible. I’ll love whatever it is you produce. I’ve been waiting for what feels like over a year for this.


He didn’t though? On top of that you should probably have read the entirety of what Daeresha said


Ah, my apologies. Then forget I ever spoke! :sweat_smile:

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@IceCreeper909 how ya doing? I missed what you said so just in case it was toxic. In Daereshas art thread there will be no toxicity from anyone of any sort. No matter how much you hate someone in game this is a place of love and appreciation. This is a place of eternal beauty. Here to admire the artworks of our friends and foes.