Daeresha’s Orbus Fan Art - Thread#3


Hi all,

Sorry for the very long delay between posts, life happens y’know :sweat:

But here to launch another thread is @Aelar! :smile:

When I first met Aelar he went by PackofWolves and it’s still the name I think of for him. So I wanted to take from that memory and add some wolf fur to his outfit. Also, the wolf head designs I took from his current discord icon.

I still have more art to do, four more very patient people on my commissions list, I appreciate your patience, you are not forgotten. Once those four are complete, I will be deciding whether or not to continue the fanart.

For anyone interested, here’s a link to my older thread


<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Dae, you da best :stuck_out_tongue:N8VVnNH


Lol, glad you like it :blush:


cant wait to see more


Are you taking more names for other people yet because I would love one. I think your artwork is great and you’re very talented. I had actually been asking Lia about you for a while and even made a post saying for you to come back lol.


Thank you so much Dylan, sorry I didn’t see your other post, haven’t been watching the forums recently. I’m really happy that you like my art, but right now I’m not taking any more names. The commissions I’m working on now, have been waiting nearly a year. Been considering pausing again but really trying to finish these last few first. After that, we’ll see if I want to continue. I’m hoping to get a renewed interest in the game after Reborn launches, if I do then I’ll open up for a commission or two at a time probably. I’d really like to spend at least an equal amount of time playing Orbus, meeting and having fun with all the wonderful folks here as I am with drawing, but if I’m not playing anymore…


Definitely understand, would love to see ya in game. Could run a dungeon w us Carnage members.


Welcome back, and that looks great. Remember doing mine? I still love it, its my discord DP :smiley:


Thanks Arc, I definitely remember yours, it was a lot of fun to draw all the mischievous dragons :grin:


Thought I might share a little teaser :laughing:

I’ve sent messages to all the remaining people on my list and only two have responded. I’m working on them both, and I’m sure those two will know which art is theirs. Nothing on these pics is final yet and subject to change, but as it stands now, I’m happy with the base poses. Still working out the outfits. And ignore the crazy bright colors, I just do that to visualize different aspects.


I know who the top one is :smiley:


Oooo so do I!!! Ekkk


rocka is the top one you


Oooo lia it just might be :wink:


i cant wait to see both awesome art


Me too, I’m super excited


I want one so baaaad these both look great so far