Daeresha’s Fan Art


Hi all,

Apologies for my abrupt disappearance to all that may have been following my previous Art Thread( Daeresha’s Orbus Fan Art ) especially to my game friends and those that are on my list of requests, a family situation put me into a pretty gloomy place that I’m still not quite out of. Not saying I won’t vanish again as another similar situation has just come up, but I am working on getting back to myself, Patraeyl, and the things I love doing, including… a New Fan Art Thread!

Sorry for the wait @Kamina, here is your request :blush:

I still have my list of requests, none of you have been forgotten and I will be contacting each of you in turn to see if you are still interested in getting a Fan Art. For the moment I will not be taking any more requests, I’d really like to get though at least half of my current list before I start adding more to it


Very cool! Looking slick Kamina.


Welcome back!! Kamina looking awesome!:grin:


Thanks a lot daeresha! Looks great and was worth the wait! Will have to make it my new profile pic when I get home


That’s awesome guarding that chest till the bitter end :wink:


That looks amazing!!!
Also hope that you are ok! Im around if you want an ear.


Can’t wait to see mine :stuck_out_tongue: kaminas looks awesome


looks beautiful i cant wait to see more


Glad you like it @Kamina :smiley:
And ya, I’m ok @Yecal_Wulf, I’m healthy, just working on the happy, thanks for the offer though :slight_smile:
And soon hopefully @sean_d, hoping to start the next request soon and then I’ll be contacting you :smiley:


i hope you can make my character too


Will do my best, can’t say when I’ll get there, but currently I have 12 requests on my list and you are around the middle :slight_smile:


Welcome back daeresha! Sorry to hear life has you in the dumps for a bit, glad to see your revival and more of your awesome works of art :slight_smile: hope everything works out the best for you.


Quick little paint of our fav Obnobi Goober with a rare treat of a desert fruit

Should anyone be interested I now have a Patreon account,

Here patroens can see some of the behind the scenes shots as well as an opportunity to get a clay Obnobi Goober.
But no worries, I still won’t be charging for requests, the requester will be sent a 3k-4K image, and I’ll still be posting here in the forums, with a slightly lower res image.


I wish i joined on the band wagon sooner, ah well, still wont take as long as solo taking raid boss 3 to get through everyone’s requests though


That is a random comparison Richleth. But no, solo tanking raid boss 3 would be way faster :expressionless:


psst, that be the joke


I’m working on it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Hoping to have the next one done before this weekend :slight_smile:


Was working on this picture of my character, its not great but its the best person ive drawn so I might as well share!


Here we have Squall for @sean_d trying to enjoy a drink at the Lakewood Inn, unfortunately his dragon is also thirsty and trying to take his shoulder keg


That’s just amazing !!! :heart:️:heart:️