Daeresha’s Orbus Fan Art

Adventurers of Täella-Oso, I know that you daring heroes deserve a break from casting and slashing, so with great pleasure I’d like to present to you, from the talented Daeresha, Champion of Nox, these fine works of art!

For our first installment, a portrait of Airis the Runemage:


Here’s my own character :wink:

I’d like to invite everyone else to post their OrbusVR fanart here as well :smiley:


Those are just so gorgeous!! Very good job on both of them!!

Always love your art Dae. That Airis is so cute.

OMG, These are amazing!

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Amazing I love it! :open_mouth:

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Thank you @IscariotDE, your request was a lot of fun. :grin:


Again, just lovely! Great job!

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Wow that’s so good! How much do you charge for requests? :grin:

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Thanks, glad you like it. :blush: And I’m not charging anything


Awesome work. You are exceptionally talented. I really like your musketeer art.

I really like the detail on the shield! Nice work! Have to remember to show my princess when she gets home

Oh wow. I’m tempted to request one myself. These are dope!

The detail is Incredible. There even is a little hole on one wooden plank the shield is Made of. I just love it! :slight_smile:

This thread gives me life, @Daeresha thank you for being awesome


I’m honoured, and excited to see more or your work too @Elijah_W :grin:


Wow, I really love seeing those in discord ! Glad there is a place for you to share to a bigger audience now :grin:

Should anyone be interested, I also post on DeviantArt :blush:


What are you drawing on? Curious.
I can’t get over the details in that shield!

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I’m using an iPad Air with a Wacom sketch stylus, wish I could take credit for it but the wood grain is a tool in the app. This is the most digital art I’ve done in years so I’m still needing to build up my own library of patterns and custom tools