Daeresha’s Orbus Fan Art


Still amazing! Does not take anything away from your talent.
Lol I can hardly sign my name on an e device without it looking like my toddler did it with a crayon. You are amazing.


Haha, don’t use that as a reference, those signature devices are horrible, I can’t get a legible sig on them either :laughing:


Here’s the next instalment, a commission for Rickness. I had way too much fun with the chicken idea you gave me. Your character glared at me the entire time, ‘egging’ me on :rofl:

Someday I need to learn backgrounds…


omfg! I love it! Thank you <3


im so glad you did the picture of rickness xD something had to show how much he looks like a rooster and this is perfect


How can someone look like a chicken but still look cool :smile:


Wow!!! That is amazing Dae!


@Alu, the Red Mage!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate that you took time out of your day to draw this <3!


That looks fantastic!


Ahh! So good!! I love all of these


If only we could house a spell in our left hand… sigh Love the drawing!


That is amazing!
Nice work.


I don’t remember Rick looking that good but it must be my memory failing me, right ? :wink:


Could be your memory… or you’re hungry and craving fried eggs :rofl: :fried_egg:


How can you know me so well :o ?


Next up @Arc_Mako, Dragon master :grin:


hahahaahahaha YES! You are AMAZING! You read my mind haha. Thank you thank you thank you c;


Glad you like it, and your very welcome :blush:


How much dram are peoole paying for these?!?