Daeresha’s Fan Art


That’s so good!! :grin:


I love it!!! thank you!


so glad you like it :smiley:


Here is my latest pic @Crazie riding in her dragon chariot :grin:

Hope you like it


@Daeresha WOW! I LOVE IT!!! You are so talented. I’ll try and send some donations your way. You deserve it! I really love this!! You are so good!


That’s awesome!! Love the little Dragon sitting on her shoulder, so cute


A dragon riding a human riding a dragon. Hmmmm :thinking:


That is simply amazing! I love the big dragon design! Omg its horns! The metal swirl of the chariot! The orbus logos! Amazing color scheme and design!


This is fantastic! :smiley:


This brings joy to my heart <3


thanks everyone, so happy that you are all enjoying my little hobby :smiley:


That’s amazing!! Love it


Looks awesome! And gives me hope for flying mounts one day.