Daeresha’s Fan Art


This is the best thread :slight_smile:


Glad you all like it :slight_smile:

Seems like Airis knows it, did anyone else find the Easter egg? :grin:


Amazing art as always daeresha!!! Loving the new pieces. Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


Working on the colouring of one now! Trying out cell shading for the next piece :grin:


The cell shading experiment was a success! Or at least I like how it came out :wink:

This is @G_Rebels, just taking on a bunch of desert pickles. Kinda took inspiration for the pickles from Elijah’s concept art for them, though I tried a little to make it look like his, I’m not good at replicating other’s art style.


G “Rebels” with Alphabet logo? (used to be Alphabet member) XD


whoops, didn’t know there was a guild change, I’ll remove it later tonight. Thanks for the update @Scott


Well, I’ve spent most of the time with ABC, so I don’t really mind :grin:


Cactaur G.I.R.!!! :heartpulse: :joy: :+1:
I love how they each have a different face. Also the poor one’s expression against the shield! Very nice badass and comical (and creepy) picture :smile:
Love the cactaur flowers :grinning:


Love this. I also see invader zim in cactus form :stuck_out_tongue: nice touch.


Can’t say I’ve watched the actual cartoon, but I have watched ‘a few…’ youtube vids of GIR, he’s so cute and fits so well with the pickles :crazy_face:


i love this form post section


so god damned talented


This looks awesome Dae! You are very talented! G looks awesome and the pickles look cute with their different faces!


Can’t wait to see more, wonder what you would do for the raid bosses if you were to draw them.


I don’t have anything to add, I just wanted to echo everyone else! That is awesome! I love the little pickle cactuars.


I don’t know… :thinking: but drawing a raid boss does sound interesting :smile:


Here we have @Lok the explorer adventuring through a new world.

Special thanks to the dev team, who gave me the perfect background in the latest blog post, just in time for me to use it :grin:


Details of this = perfection! :smile:


So much talent, it’s fantastic :heart:️:heart:️