Daeresha’s Fan Art


This is the best thread :slight_smile:


Glad you all like it :slight_smile:

Seems like Airis knows it, did anyone else find the Easter egg? :grin:


Amazing art as always daeresha!!! Loving the new pieces. Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


Working on the colouring of one now! Trying out cell shading for the next piece :grin:


The cell shading experiment was a success! Or at least I like how it came out :wink:

This is @G_Rebels, just taking on a bunch of desert pickles. Kinda took inspiration for the pickles from Elijah’s concept art for them, though I tried a little to make it look like his, I’m not good at replicating other’s art style.


G “Rebels” with Alphabet logo? (used to be Alphabet member) XD


whoops, didn’t know there was a guild change, I’ll remove it later tonight. Thanks for the update @Scott


Well, I’ve spent most of the time with ABC, so I don’t really mind :grin:


Cactaur G.I.R.!!! :heartpulse: :joy: :+1:
I love how they each have a different face. Also the poor one’s expression against the shield! Very nice badass and comical (and creepy) picture :smile:
Love the cactaur flowers :grinning:


Love this. I also see invader zim in cactus form :stuck_out_tongue: nice touch.


Can’t say I’ve watched the actual cartoon, but I have watched ‘a few…’ youtube vids of GIR, he’s so cute and fits so well with the pickles :crazy_face:


i love this form post section