Daeresha’s Fan Art


lok is ready to take the picture picture of discovery😁


Lok explored all the zones first to give us our map in reborn, correct ?

This is a very good tribute to our Cartographer.


Due to the contents of the art I created using the image of raid boss 5 from the free press wiki the image is hidden. The picture is of raid boss 5 and after the mere 10 hours of work I put into it I think it is a good image to post here.



Looks awesome! And for sure, any and all fanarts are welcome in this thread :smiley:


Next up is Vasilia and Carlos, sorry Carlos

I love the big toothy grin the red spiders have so was super excited when Vasilia made killing spiders a suggestion for her pic.


i love it with me slaying spider to save carlos my pug baby😍


aww this is so awesome lia and carlos <3


Damn, Look at that boss pet! :muscle:


Carlos face matched so well to the picture of him i love it

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