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Ok first of all I understand the need for capping out damage on a weapon so say a level 1 isn’t walking around with a level 20 weapon that’s totally understandable… However, why would a weapon that I can run solo from trash im killing be capped out that logic completely evades me… Not to mention after say level 15 or 16 why is there a cap at all I mean if your in a group and get a drop at that level you really deserve to get full use of it…



in basically every game you cant even use the item unless you are at the correct level. this game is far more lenient, letting you use any weapon, but it scales down to your level so you dont have to worry about waiting for x number of levels before equipping it.


yes but in those games if you can solo the weapon it is useable at your level going back to my point.


I think weapons that are drastically higher in damage than the player’s level should get a 10% boost. Meaning if you have a 1000 rating wand as a level 5 mage, you would still get 10% more damage out of it than a level appropriate wand.

This would also work well for first time players. If you are level 10 and already have the best wand for your level cap, getting a better wand would still give you the 10% boost, so it would still be helpful, but not unbalanced.


that makes more sense to me again im not complaining that theres a cap there should be i just dont think something soloable should be to powerful for your level. to me this is just a balance issue with how caps are currently set. maybe the slider is set just a tad to far in the wrong direction atm. its not far off and im being nitpicky not like it took me long to outlevel the bow but thats not the point just something i noticed. Ive played mmorpgs in various forms for gosh probably 36 years starting with text based MuD’s then to everquest ect ect. and the balance just seems slightly off to me so figured id mention it.


I agree. It was a little disappointing to get a drastically better gun, equip it, and see the same damage numbers.


IMO I don’t even want to see the weapon/armour drop on a higher level mob. Problem solved haha :slight_smile:


But how good did the new gun look amiright?!

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