Damage Warrior Viability

I think its about time this is brought up again, since I see many people now and these days picking up warrior and having fun playing with it. Which is what I love to see when it comes to underplayed classes (Looking at you, Shamans. I love you guys. <3)

But, There’s really only one play style with warrior that you can really do if you want to get anywhere in Orbus with late game content. And that would be with provoke heal warrior. Since taking wound is a huge waste. Especially when the bleeds you get are overwritten by your next combo before it is useful.

So I propose some changes, that would not only make the option of playing damage warrior not bad and potentially viable even in end game content.


  • Warrior should gain a new passive, Where the lower the HP of your shield the more DPS you should do. Allowing warrior to go on the defensive for aggro, and apply DPS when he can no longer defend.

  • Wound bleeds should now stack up to 3-4 times, And if you manage to wound faster than that it can keep up, It should keep refreshing the newest bleed applied. So it doesn’t overwrite the current ones doing damage. This should allow the warrior to go all out whilst he gets healed and waits for his shield to come back up. Getting in a really high amount of burst damage. However, Of course being very vulnerable during this time. So healers will have to be on their toes and heal them through it.

  • The Level 30 Talents; “Overheal” and “Counter Attack” should be combined together, But nerfed slightly to make it more on par with being balanced. And instead, A new level 30 talent should be for damage Warrior. (Will take ideas!)

Overall, I feel like the changes that I want and that are listed here would make warrior viable for dealing damage as well as still managing aggro nicely, Giving it a sort of balance. Of course, Giving it the option to do this also takes away the warriors ability to heal. So a build with DPS warrior would be very healer dependent. But ultimately should be viable. If there are any changes you’d make to these suggestions feel free to do so.



  • Player hitbox vs. the sword needs to be fixed. Anyone whos even tried warrior pvp knows that unless they are standing still or barely moving its super hard to get a combo off. So giving a little more room to mess around with could help solve this problem.

  • Shield bash should get rid of a chunk of stamina. Not too great, But enough to allow them to be targeted.

  • Player shield vs. projectiles NEEDS to be fixed. As it can block everything besides Shaman orbs and Runemage spells. As it should, Giving magic users an advantage over the warrior taking away its best defense, However, With multiple rounds of testing, The blocking seems to be all over the place. Only sometimes blocking bullets and arrows. As well was melee attacks. This is probably the thing I want fixed the most. As it gives the warrior the ability to actually be a warrior in the battlegrounds.

Overall, My goal with these changes is to see the warrior turn from laughing stock to agressor in the battlegrounds. The warrior shouldn’t be going on massive killstreaks like the DPS classes, But It should be able to focus down and harass a single target and expect follow up from teammates. Which would be a really cool playstyle to see. Opposed from the playstyle we see from Pali’s who prefer a hit-‘n’-run type of deal. Which makes them more annoying than real threats on the field.

And for my final request, Im on my hands and knees begging for this one: Please. Please PLEASE. Change the combo for hamstring and cleave to make them easier to hit. Either that, Or make upswings register better instead of registering as “right hits”


I agree, more dps for warrior when the shield runs out. Great idea.

I like your idea with the post but I wouldn’t want this. I use counter attack for the extra combo instead of overheal because it will mess up my shield rotation.

I agree with almost all of your suggestions almost exclusively for the purpose of making warrior more pvp viable.

I don’t think your proposed changes would or should make dps warrior end game viable. It just doesn’t make sense to have your tank give up a ton of survivability to do like 20k more dps when your actual dps in the party make that number preaty negligible. I have also previously explained many times why I don’t think that a conventional short ranged melee dps class really fits in orbus.

Again though I think its still a great idea for having a fun way to let people feel like kirito when grinding overworld enemies and I think all of those changes would make it feel a lot more viable in pvp.

I think that’s the thing, The reason why it would be okay for warrior to do much more damage is that they are giving up the ability to survive on their own.

The provoke heal is really really good, And giving that up to solely output more damage and rely on your healer to keep you up is yeh trade off imo.

It probably won’t be as viable as provoke is in the very late endgame, But it’ll still have its place in the world.

I think one thing the class should have is some additional way to weaken enemies. It would allow the class to retain its identity of being an aggressive high dps speedrun tank after you hit the point in the game where the individual damage output of tanks and healers doesn’t really matter anymore.

bard is a good example where early game it has decent damage output and late game it retains its identity of being a battle healer through its ultimate buffing the dps of the players in the party whose dps actually matter.

Maybe you have a the other lvl 30 talent be when your shield breaks it visually explodes and you apply a 10% weakness and stun to the enemy that broke it if it is near you. You probably want to make it only give half the weakness and stun with big shield to keep it balanced. I think that would encourage the whole switching between defensive when your shield is up and offensive when your shield is down flow of combat. I think it would interact interestingly with pvp and add a lot of skill expression to the class. Players would need to really think about how to make sure the right enemy breaks their shield and that they don’t leave themselves exposed breaking it at the wrong time.
Most importantly it would add to warriors ability to be a much needed anti burst counter in pvp. I love the idea of warriors being able to counter scoundrels and mages that waste their initial burst breaking the shield and then get stunned and can’t run away.

I think paladin should also be changed have their hammer instantly return to their hand when they are stunned and not be able to throw their hammer for the duration of the stun. In the same way warrior should not be able to sword rush when stunned.

This would solve many problems in pvp

  1. It would allow interesting counter play against paladins ability to instantly teleport away and disengage from combat and would make paladin hammerthrowing across the overworld for goblin token actually vulnerable to being forced into fighting.

  2. This would allow warriors not to get griefed by paladins. At the moment even with all of the other above changes warriors pose almost no threat to paladins. Ideally I imagine warrior being like abush predators, waiting for the their moment to strike, rushing in with their dash and trapping their prey with their shield bash. They don’t have a ton of mobility, they are vulnerable to being flanked or juked, and Their sword rush and shield bash have long cool downs so if they miss or make any mistakes they die. I dont think paladins should be able to just opt out of all of that with their hammer throw when a warrior plays perfectly and lands their rush and bash. At the same time paladins would still pose a huge threat to warriors in a much healthier way. They can pepper warriors with hammer throws to prevent them from sword rushing and they have a lot of survivability and healing so they are very difficult to down when they are successfully caught.

  3. Every class that would improve from this need buffs anyways. All the stuns that I can think of are musket gravity orb, shaman stun totem, paladin hammer throw, warrior shield bash, and maybe should be ranger trap and bard mallet throw if they aren’t already. This would introduce some much needed counterplay and interaction beyond hitting enemies in the face. Muskets, paladins and warriors could try to interrupt paladins and warriors trying to skip past them to get to their much squishier dps behind them. Shamans and bards could stand a marginally better chance of actually keeping paladins and warriors close enough to them while preventing the enemy from actually engaging and killing them.

  4. This makes tank vs tank combat more interesting. At the moment 2 paladins fighting eachother is really boring and never ends. The moment one of them is in danger or is at any disadvantage they just keep teleporting away until they can heal. This change would make for highly technical ranged combat at the start of fights and would allow paladins to stun lock enemy paladins to confirm their kill if they manage to both save up pips and get their opponent low. Alternatively the enemy could preemptively stun you to prevent you from closing in on them. There’s lots of mind games and big brain strategy and I feel like this change alone would make paladin vs paladin pvp the default for 1v1s.

So true,


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