December Stress Test Client Download

Here’s the download link for the Stress Test Client for tomorrow:

Once you download the file, extract the zip, then run “OrbusVR_Launcher” in the root folder.

If you haven’t already, you need to create an account on our website, . Once you’ve created an account, you can login to the client. Once the server is online tomorrow, you’ll be able to Create a Character, then just click that character to login. If you made a Character during the last Stress Test, that Character is still available, but it has been reset to Level 1.

Be sure to read the Stress Test Guide if you haven’t already for all the instructions on how to play each class:

Woohoo! Can’t wait for tomorrow night.

So close, cant wait!!!

I can’t seem to download the client, is it hosted anywhere else?

You can’t download it from S3? Try this link maybe without the HTTPS?

Thanks for the quick response, I connected to a different cable modem and it worked fine, so it’s an issue on my side :slight_smile:

Tonight’s test is over! But we’re going to do one tomorrow (Sunday) too, same time, same place. I’m hoping it will go better! See you then…