December Stress Test Feedback Thread

Feel free to use this thread to ask questions and give feedback during the December 3rd Stress Test.

The Stress Test Play Guide is here:


Welcome everyone! Hope you’re all excited! We’ll be bringing the server online in about 15 minutes. Stand by for VR MMO goodness!


Here we go! Servers are up.

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So we just had to restart the server and turn down the number of players per server a bit. It seems like the voice chat is using a lot more CPU than we anticipated. You’ll have to re-launch the client if you were already connected.

I received this error twice and a few other times the other players stopped responding after a minute or so, does it matter if we are using the steam VR beta or not?

Connection Error:
Connection.ReadCallback :: EndRead failure

It’s not you the server is just crashing a lot right now.

I jsut pushed out a new version, give it another try hopepfully it will work better :slight_smile:

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Getting alot of server disconnect errors

I’m getting ‘Websocket connection closed by remote host. Please restart the game to reconnect.’.

Anyway, good job getting it to this point!

So I just had to restart the whole server about 3 minutes ago (which is what gives the “Websocket closed by remote host” error). I’m going to try and hopefully leave it up now. There was a bug where it spawned like 70 servers at once.

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I just wanted to point out that there’s a set of stairs in the starting town that leads to enemies and water to fish in :slight_smile:

I’m getting like 5 - 15 FPS in this game

There’s no in game sound or music at all? Or am I missing something?

I know there’s a lot of lag currently, stick with us as we start beating on things to figure it out :slight_smile:

It keep spawning me into one of those 70 servers you mentioned :stuck_out_tongue: Keep trying to get it back up! It’s awesome so far

Even though I seem to lag out every time I have joined a server so far. From what I have seen this is amazing!

I keep getting a prompt telling me to restart my game because my connection was closed. Am I banned? lol

I’m pretty sure that every time I die, the game freezes, I can still teleport around. But nothing moves, nobody talks, no spells can be cast, etc. The lack of any kind of background audio is also a bit off putting, but it’s a pre-alpha; these things can be forgiven.

Also, Frostbolt’s sound effect is insanely loud!

the spells seem to be very random, same sign gets me frost and fire and whatever the purple is pretty randomly