Decurse Potion!

I think a decurse potion would be an awesome addition to the game - there are only three classes that can remove DoTs, and especially with harder content, those poisons can melt your face off in no time.

The restrictions from being a potion would imo be enough to balance it:

  • You have to prepare and equip them in advance.
  • It takes a while to drink them.
  • You can only use one hand while you drink it. No class can fully function with only a single hand, and many have to pause combat entirely.

These restrictions force the player to momentarily pause whatever they are doing, and also mean that you can’t use them as an instant decurse to save yourself from, for example, Crystal Flame. This would prevent the potions from making the healer’s or mage’s Decurse redundant.


Please also make a 10x decurse recipe

I actually have mixed feelings about it. For my final opinion, I just say: why not? If some players would make use of it, I’m all for the new potion as well.
Which makes me think of something else. A common knowledge about shamans, worldwide, is that they’re healers. It is totally fine that, in Orbus, Shaman is a DPS class. I love playing that class.
Well, we have two magic-based DPS classes. Runemages can decurse and Shamans can’t. It would be nice if they had that ability somehow. Not a new totem, though. Maybe an ability that, if you pull the trigger while holding e.g. a stun sphere, it turns into a decurse sphere.

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