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Did the requirements for Defend the Realm update early last week? I logged in today before 10pm Pacific time and it was still Dwarf sharks. I was confused because it was that last week and it definitely updated from rotten fingers before then. I got home late and so missed it if it wasn’t updated for going away from DST, which is totally my fault. No problem, I just went ahead and did the gathering for the new week. However I got on today and it said I had done 0/1000 gather points, which was concerning because I definitely DID buy 40 dwarf sharks and turn them in and it was too late to redo it. When it hit 10 a few minutes later, I relogged and it had switched to sun fish for this week.

Did my initial dwarf sharks somehow cause an issue because I turned them in too early?

Slightly unrelated: What is the “undefined” creature to kill for this week?


Yeah, came here to report the undefined issue too.

Also, the weekly resource point value seems to be based on the color quality of the item, rather than it’s actual market value or rarity, and since the color qualities are all over this place, this makes some weeks disproportionately harder/more expensive and others oddly cheap/trivial.


I will take a look this morning and get that fixed.


Defend the Realm usually resets midnight CST Tuesday (Monday night / Tuesday “morning,” although at least once in October it reset at about 8am CST Tuesday with a patch) but last week accidentally and unexpectedly reset items Monday midnight (Sunday night) but not the points. So, Monday 5 Nov suddenly said dwarf sharks and whatnot but still counted as the last day of the prior week, so anyone who turned stuff in 5 Nov had to turn the same stuff in for the following week that just ended last night midnight. We’re back on track with Tuesday midnight reset.


Do we know what undefined is yet?


When the double point allocation goes in, can someone post a screenshot? I’m curious if it goes into effect even if you’ve hit your cap this week, and how it’s going to be represented in the journal.


What’s split worm? :thinking:


Were restarting the server right now to update with this weeks spawners and also the raised limit, essentially you can just turn in more points each week now, as before we stopped you at 1k per event (gathering or killing) now you can go up to 2k in each event. There will also be a client side patch later today that will update the compass to show the correct location for the DTR event (its Cailo Fa Ki in the desert).

Sorry for any confusion, This should of been done yesterday but I got sidetracked with the beta ending and trying to get caught up with that, so I apologize for any inconvenience.


They are located in the desert town of Cailo Fa Ki.


Thanks! The realm has successfully been defended!


Quick question, if I may:
I only started contributing to Defend the Realm this week.
Capped 2000 resource points last night, after 2 nights of Weeping Krodo harvest runs. (I need the sunfish I’ve caught for health potions! Brewing potions in Orbus is pure joy for me.)
Doing only resource contributions, that would be 9 weeks of only resource contribution caps to hit 18,000.

Do I also need to fully cap the kill points every week to have any chance at hitting the 18,000 point total?
…which I guess means my question boils down to: is there a known end date I should be focusing on?


You will need to kill things too


Ah ha, I thought I read that somewhere. Thanks!

I’m going to need to kill a LOT of things then… :smiling_imp:


Heh. I just caught up on all the information I could find.
I’m making a big assumption that the remaining weeks will require resources and monster kills that can be done by a sub-20 (17 Rune Mage), mostly-solo sometimes-duo player.

Remove the weekly cap entirely! Let us “no-life” it! There’s a 4-day weekend next week for the US… I can spend 3 of those days living exclusively in Patraeyl… :wink: :wink:


Will work for monster-kills, but resources idk it would likely lead to a permanent shortage of certain resources… Lucian was bare of Weeping Krodo already, most of the time, and there’s only very few in Frosted. (Oh and I wished people would at least take the yellow flowers, too, since they likely got common spawn points and if noone takes them nothing much of the weeping will respawn; I cleared the area of over 20 yellow that is much more than I usually find).


When I’m out to harvest, I’ll picked up everything I can get to. Polymorph spell is fun to use as a tool to solve the “how can I get that without pulling aggro” puzzles. (I enjoy that!)

I feel like you’re right and the yellow Sydazoran flowers and Weeping Krodo share at least some of the same spawns. And Weeping Krodo I think based on my limited observations grows more frequently when it’s raining.
The past week in the later evenings (EST) there haven’t been a lot of players online. last night showed 7 other players than I, though I don’t think that counts Oculus Store players, only fellow Steam players. I’ve been leveling, questing, and farming in the Lucian P every night this week and only saw 1 other player, and they were heading up the ramp to that camp at the peak, not farming. /shrug

I would expect that the caps won’t be removed as it might feel like it cheapens the hard work folks put in earlier during the event. I respect that.
I’m returning to Orbus, I’m late to the event, I’ve done the math; I’m not likely going to hit the 18,000 threshold but that’s my fault & no one else’s so I’m certainly not going to expect any special treatment.


You can use this to see how many players are online at any given time, it takes the data directly from the orbus website to make a graph to show times etc

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