Defend the realm, let's unlock the dev world boss!


were not that far away! we only need 55 more players to get max cap these last two weeks!


They should remove caps for the last week :wink:


Make sure to turn in points on your alt characters too


That would be awesome, totally agree


Heck ya! LET’S DO IT! I really hope the world dev boss is just a 50ft tall model of Riley and is screams “Riely smash!” on the tank buster hit.


This made me laugh. thank you for that


We’ll need 41 players for the last week, we can do it!
(There’s about an hour left to get this week’s points if anyone still need them :wink: )


WE DID IT!!! :star_struck:




Wahoo! Great job everyone!


Now we need a sound byte of Riley yelling, “Riley SMASH”. Dev’s make it so!


Completely agree as the official orbusvr necromancer that we need this


Is the dev fight restricted to only those who reached 18k like the other rewards?


yes :joy: i will laugh so much

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