Defend The Realm Progress Report - Pet Unlocked!


Hi everyone, here is the mini pet you have unlocked this week for getting the second milestone done on the progress meter.

Keep it up!


Awesome grats everyone who’s participating!

@Riley_D I suppose it’s the same as the cape (we’ll be able to get it later)?


Yes all the rewards will be given out at once after the event has ended to everyone who has earned them.


Woo new pet! When reborn rolls around will there eventually be some way of customizing pets? Colors, accessories, sounds…?


Unrestricted pet breading…yesss got to have all the coulors of every pet…


I love this one!! Eeee so excited


Nice!!! Love it. How about an Elongata pet too!!! :innocent:


How would that be supposed to walk? :thinking:


It’ll just float or have its own mount😇 Other folks have mentioned that they want it too😇


It could dig underground and burrow to move


Or maybe a sentry pet, that would display mini AOE when feeding a cookie? Or mist keeper that would spit out mists when we tried to pet it or feed it?


I still want the desert lizard as a pet… wouldn’t even mind a stationary one :-p


never skip leg day :roll_eyes:


Just give us the desert lizard critter as pet and my life would be complete :slight_smile:


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