Delete soulbounds items


I went to buy a guildy a house deeds and I could not trade or delete and the same for narwal horn it would be nice to delete it when I already have two narwal horn and one house deeds


Guildy a house deed?


I decided to buy him cuase he could not aford it I made a stupid dession and its talking space in my house it would be nice it was tradeable even be nice to destroy it


Oh ok thought that you were refering to guilds when you said that , sorry


I got several too from the quest and deleted them back then, but I might have crafted them into a lure first… perhaps try making them into a fishing lure and then delete?


I dont think I can I also have house deed I buy for a guildy and found out after was soul bound


also raid pets, I have two hard mode and two normal mode pets, I don’t need more than one of each, would be great if we were able to destroy them